Ubiquiti in Mexico

Ubiquiti in Mexico is a networking technology company that deals with next generation communication. It is also referred to as Ubiquiti Networks, and it was founded in 2005. One of its core objectives is to design and manufacture disruptive WIFI technology platforms for developing markets that operate with pervasive connectivity and productive business models. The WIFI enterprise access point is a scalable, well-designed, easily managed and deployed UniFi access point. The three pack UAP-3 UniFi Access Point Enterprise WiFi system is the full name given to this revolutionary Wi-Fi technology. The product has cutting edge technology in order to cope with increasing demands in the networking field.

The Wi-Fi system from Ubiquiti in Mexico provides 802.11n MIMO technology, with speeds ranging between 300 Mb/s and 400 Mb/s. This indoor Wi-Fi system can easily be mounted to a wall or ceiling using the mounting hardware. It has an advanced UniFi Controller software that can be installed and accessed in various ways. It can be installed on Linux, Mac or PC machines within the network where it can be accessed through a regular web browser. The software helps to configure and administer the enterprise Wi-Fi networks quickly without any advanced training. The system also integrates advanced security options, map loading, automatic UAP device detection and real-time status seamlessly.

Ubiquiti in Mexico Wi-Fi features and functionalities

· Cost-effective and time-saving – the UniFi Wi-Fi has a non-dedicated software controller that can be installed and used in the public cloud service, private cloud service and on-premise machines.

· 802.11n MIMO technology – the technology offers very high speeds that can go up to 400 Mb/s.

· Expandable – has a unified management system that ensures smooth scalability from a small network to an extensive network.

· UniFi Controller software – the software has an easy-to-learn and intuitive user interface that can be used to manage or configure the UniFi access point. The UniFi Controller software can operate thousands of UniFi access points, quickly manage system traffic and map out networks.

· Detailed analytics – has configurable analytics and reporting tools that can be used to expedite troubleshooting and manage large user base.

· Wireless uplink – allow extended range wireless connectivity between access points. A single wired UniFi access point uplink operating on a single band supports up to 4 wireless downlinks. This support allows adoption of wireless devices in their normal state and also allows real-time network topology changes.

· Hotspot support/Guest portal – offers easy customization options for guest portals that include the ability to use external portal server, hotspot setup and authentication. In addition, it allows one to limit duration of use, limit total data usage and set different bandwidth rates. It has a built-in billing support that can be integrated easily with major credit cards. Some of the other supports include branding of hotspot portal pages, full customization, payment refund, guest management, voucher creation and voucher-based authentication.

· Multi-site management – one UniFi controller operating in the cloud can manage many sites, multi-tenancy service providers and multiple distributed deployments.

· WLAN Groups – supports the assigning of WLAN groups to an access point’s radio.

· Zero handoff roaming – the mobile users maintains the connections when roaming as they switch to the nearest access point.

· Maps – supports visual representation per wireless network

· Statistics – supports graphs for better visualization

· Extended Coverage – supports extension of coverage through a combination of access points.

· Power over Ethernet (PoE) – allows data and power to go through a single Ethernet cable

· Easy Mounting

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